Team Snake Panama
Who is TSP?
Members include those who have, do, support, or wish they could explore, study, and help conserve
the snakes of Panama!

Panama is home to
153 species of snakes, many of which have been drastically understudied in
nearly all aspects of their biology. Team Snake Panama (TSP) is working to change that! Currently
TSP is focusing our efforts on snakes in central Panama near El Copé, Coclé province, where 80
species have already been documented. Research is focusing on ophidian ecology, diet,
systematics, and behavior.

TSP works closely with local Panamanian people, who serve as field assistants, field crew leaders,
and drivers. We also deliver talks in local schools to promote the protection of snakes.

Future goals include the expansion of research, the establishment of a Panamanian national
herpetological library and museum and a reptile conservation center.

Submit your pictures of snakes taken in Panama to help build our database!
Our Facilities in
All of your donation will support
research and the development of
facilities for snake research in Panama
TSP Wish List
(used items also welcomed)

Ziplocs (quart & gallon)
Electronic Balance
Dissecting Microscope
Compound Microscope
NiteLite Lights & Bulbs
Rite-in-the-Rain Field Books
Batteries (AA, AAA, & D)
Storage Tupperware

email Julie if you would like to make an
in-kind donation or to ask that your cash
donation goes to a specific cause
Current Work
Documentation of Species in Panama
Dietary Study
Organization of 2014 TSP Meeting in Panama
Development of The Snakes of Panama field guide
Establishment & outfitting of TSP Lab in Panama
Build a library of Panama's herpetological literature
Road Run with TSP!

TSP collects dead snakes from the road to help with natural history, geographic
distribution, and tissue-based studies. We have two grants pending to help with this
important work. Assist us in the meantime!
Donate $60 within one year towards this
project and receive acknowledgement in
The Snakes of Panama field guide we
are currently writing!
Photo by Jon Wedow
Photo by Jon Wedow